Indonesia can advance up to twice that Makassar used as a distribution center and supply!
At the root of the culture and history of Makassar. Culturally, the people of Makassar has character "Sombere '".

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Sombere 'has the meaning chatty, open and engaging with the community anyone. It has been seen from the history of Makassar already famous since the 15th century as one of the cities Bandar spices and became the world's best office 32 foreign companies from East Asia to North Europe.

The economic strength was still continuing up to the 21st century now, Makassar became the most glittering star in East Indonesia in terms of business and tourism. With the average growth per year 9:21% (BPS Kota Makassar), Makassar consistently show kedigdayaannya grew above the average national and world economy.

Generally achieved double-digit growth areas emerging. Makassar as an area that should have been saturated, but still able to grow high, even once reached 10:52% (2008) shows that Makassar is a special city. "

However sombere characters' Do not cukup.pada today, Makassar also should be in synergy with the technology and establish itself as a "smart city". Through the synergy of smart cities and sombere ', Makassar capable of running a good business, employing more than 18,000 employees, manages 54 city departments, serving 1,700,571 inhabitants, and controls an area of ​​175 km2.

Based on these thoughts, Makassar making the concept of smart cards called Smart Card Makassar. Shown in the form of ATM cards BRI, the smart card is intended for residents of Makassar and headed one million users have become intermediaries for storing data resident on a massive scale, ranging from E-ID card, medical records, BPJS, TIN, until one day as a means of payment parking ,